Friday, October 31, 2014

P90X Review: Shoulders and Arms

Ok, so this one marks another strength training workout. I have to admit I have been missing Sagi this week. I have been thinking that I might not be getting as good of a workout for weights as I had been with Body Beast. That program actually un-did (is that a word?) some workout damage I had done to myself with constant long term overtraining. However, that is fodder for another post. All of that to say, that after every P90X workout this week, I have been SORE. In a good way. In the way that you know you are rocking your workouts and on your way to awesome.

So, on to shoulders and arms. This workout starts off with a warm up and stretching. That is one thing that I like about Tony Horton’s workouts. I know that I am getting a sufficient warm up to prepare me for the workout and to prevent injury. Some workouts are a little lacking in that department, in my opinion.

Then we move on to our sets. There are two rounds of every set, with three excercises in each set. One for shoulders, one for biceps, and one for triceps. I like that I feel like I have plenty of time for each exercise. Sometimes with Body Beast, I have to pause because they get set up faster than I do or I have to go slower in order to have good form.

By the end of this workout, I felt completely worked out. The rest of the day my muscles were reminding me that they had worked super hard this morning. I know with this program so far, I am feeling work in muscles that I didn’t “work” per se, but they are secondary muscles getting a workout. Kind of a bonus workout, or free gift with purchase.