Friday, October 31, 2014

My Transformation From Frumpy Mom to Healthy Mom

This is a before picture of me. I don't have many because I didn't want my picture taken. I didn't want to look at myself in the mirror, let alone save pictures of me to look at later.

This feels like a whole other lifetime. There was alot of weight carried around at that time. Physical and emotional. I had never been overweight before. I was always the skinny girl. Even when pregnant, I was skinny.

I remember the day I ran for the first time after walking for months. I felt so strong. That is the feeling that I want others to have. I want them to feel STRONG. Not weak and helpless. Not wondering why other people can lose weight, but they know they themselves can't. Because you can. Anyone can.

Is it hard work? Yes. Will it happen overnight? No. You didn't gain that weight overnight, you won't lose it overnight. What you will gain faster than the weight will come off though is a love for yourself and a strength you didn't know was even there.

I would love to help you find your inner strength so you can tackle the world in confidence.