Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review of Body Beast Workout Program

Are you working out hard regularly, but aren’t seeing resuts? This was me. I was working out for hours a day, doing everything I thought I should be doing, but I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted to be seeing. I am finishing up a round of Body Beast. This was awesome because it took the guesswork out of what I am supposed to be doing to gain results.

What is Body Beast? It is a bodybuilding workout system that is proven to add 10 pounds of muscle in just 90 days. It was created by Sagi Kalev. He is a former two time Mr. Israel and a world renowned trainer. This system combines workouts, nutrition, and supplementation. Whether you are new to lifting weights or a gym rat, Body Beast will deliver results beyond what you even imagined possible.

There are 12 workouts that use what Sagi calls Dynamic Set Training.

  1. Build: Chest/Tris
  2. Build: Back/Bi’s
  3. Build: legs
  4. Build: Shoulders
  5. Bulk Chest
  6. Bulk: Back
  7. Bulk: Shoulders
  8. Bulk: Arms
  9. Bulk: Legs
  10. Beast: Abs
  11. Beast: Cardio
  12. Beast: Total Body

This plan comes with a nutrition plan that shows you how to calculate how many calories you need to help you build muscle. It also shows you what foods to eat with yummy recipes or how to eat with plain simple foods if that is more your style (it is mine.) The nutrtition guide shows you WHY you are eating what you are and how these foods work to help your body create muscle. This plan also show you how to supplement safely should you choose to do so.

Is Body Beast just for men? NO. Body Beast is an amazing program for women too. As we age, things seem to sag where they didn’t sag before. Weight training helps to lift everything where we want it to be.

What’s more, this kind of training increases your metabolism. Building muscle helps to burn more calories than cardio alone. For every pound of muscle you add to your body, it burns an extra 11-15 calories each day just resting. JUST RESTING. In one year, a two pound addition of lean mass (muscle) can equal more than 5000 calories per year just resting. The more muscle you add to your body the more calories your body has to burn just to exist. As women, we also need to think about bone loss as we get older. Weight bearing exercises help prevent reductions in bone mass as we age.Women always fear getting "bulky", so they tend to not lift weights. It isn't possible for women to get as big as men. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for making men "bulk up". Women's bodies don't create enough testosterone for that to happen. The women that you see that look like that have manipuated their hormones in order to achieve that look that they were going after.

This program has been awesome for me. I looked forward to working out every day and I didn't get bored. I tend to get bored easily, and I start to dread my workouts. That never happened to me with this program.  I was previously doing too much cardio (running, biking, elliptical,etc) and not enough weight training. This program has allowed me to workout for less time per day and achieve much better results. I am finally seeing the results that I wanted to be seeing.

If you want to chat about this program, just shoot me an email. I would love to chat with you about it!